I drove my dad's motorbike

Got me two kiddie trike when I was 2 years old
(one was the retro style all-steel and the other one was an all-plastic battery powered trike)

Then a stand-up scooter when I was 3 yrs old
(this is where I learned the art of balancing hee hee)

Then I got a spanking new bicycle as a late Christmas present (coz I got it on January hee hee)
I've used it with training wheels for about 6 months, then release one training wheel after 4 months before I finally have the guts to totally remove it.

Just a few days ago (by the way I'm 5 years old now) my dad gave me some first hand knowledge on driving the real thing. A motorized bike - a Yamaha Mio scooter.

Since Im still quite small to drive it by myself. He let me stand up in front of him, then place my right hand on the accelerator grip, side-by-side with his hand. He said its for me to familiarize how to grip it firmly and know the way to gas it up properly.

Within minutes of my short tutorial I was finally driving the scooter, with my dad as my backrider. He's there to guide and support me just in case something went wayward or before I decided to race with tricycles on the street hee hee.