Motorcycle Leaning Tips by Sean Kirk

Im an avid fan of FMX on television as you can see on my pose, am doing a "Superman Air" on board a MotoGP replica motorcycle at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall"World of Fun".

Its actually a ride at the arcade where I got to race virtually using the replica bike. Unfortunately, Im so small to fully reach the throttle and to swing the bike left and right in order to maneuver it. So my dad helped me by managing the throttle as I do the leaning stuff. Enjoy the video. hee hee.

BTW me my dad would love to have this video as an entry to any funny video contest. So in any case you got any suggested sites, please let us know.



jogging at River Park in Marikina (take note of my curly hair hee hee)

posing inside Burger King during my cousin Aji's birthday
the first time I started walking
inside a mall, with superman bangs inspired
waiting for my food at ChowKing


Future Rock Star

I was trying to impress again my dad by impersonating a rocker. This time with my new toy guitar! Take note of the magic dog in the background, he simply vanished into thin air hee hee.


Evolution Photos V

with Tatay Uro

with Godmothers

with stuff toys as background

inside the mall

with Mom at Avilon Zoo
Hope I get high scores on my exams today. Its our Monthly Achievement Exam at our school at Green Gables Academy! hee hee


Evolution Photos IV

with yaya Gina

with yaya Jackie

with cousin Cyrus Gabriel

alone in the sala

with cousin Josephine or Pinpin


Happy Birthday Song

Is it your birthday today? How old are you now? Me, I will be turning 6 years old this coming 10th of November 2009. Paging all my Ninong and Ninang Kamusta po kayo? Paramdam naman po kayo hee hee!

For the meantime since its your birthday today. Lemme greet you by singing Happy Birthday with a smack at the end. Hee Hee!


Evolution Photos III

at the mall
skinny dipping at the beach
at Leonardo's in Antipolo
with mom at the office


whaddya think?

Here's SK with his Godfather.
One of the masters in the field of SEO/Blogging
Mr. Benj Arriola

As Sean Kirk's dad, I'm raving to promote this website of SK. Not because of anything, but purely because I'm proud of it. Since the saying "you just can't please anybody" I got this as an opinion from one member of the blogosphere:

Hmmm.. I feel that this is 'kinda' exploiting the child just to gain some attention. Maybe it would be better if it would be incorporated on the blog of this child's parents. I know there are a lot of blogs like this out there but in a way, 'the child is being used here for monetary purposes' (because ads are all over the site and there's a donate button).

Just an opinion. Never the less, it would still be up to the parents view if this is not an 'exploitation' just like the way I see it.
From which my reply was:

Thanks for your opinion Sir, and I'm sorry that you see it that way. I just want my kid - Sean Kirk to be like us (bloggers). Not right now but when the time he can develop and assume his blog all by himself, he would be surprised its already established. Similar to SEO style or Name Building. Having a popular name has its edge isn't it? I was actually aiming for seankirk.com but unfortunately it was taken already.

As for the ads. Yes it has ads all-over the site. Its because its an adsense blog template for blogspot. And for the donate button, I think its only been there for 3 days? How I wish someone would donate hehe. Sean Kirk would be happy for sure!

You may also notice that there isn't any links to us parents. Its because we want it that way. For the blog to be on his own. Well he can put us anytime on his blogroll when the time comes. Have a nice day.
Whaddya think?

Note: the pic was taken at Ever Gotesco hee hee!


I drove my dad's motorbike

Got me two kiddie trike when I was 2 years old
(one was the retro style all-steel and the other one was an all-plastic battery powered trike)

Then a stand-up scooter when I was 3 yrs old
(this is where I learned the art of balancing hee hee)

Then I got a spanking new bicycle as a late Christmas present (coz I got it on January hee hee)
I've used it with training wheels for about 6 months, then release one training wheel after 4 months before I finally have the guts to totally remove it.

Just a few days ago (by the way I'm 5 years old now) my dad gave me some first hand knowledge on driving the real thing. A motorized bike - a Yamaha Mio scooter.

Since Im still quite small to drive it by myself. He let me stand up in front of him, then place my right hand on the accelerator grip, side-by-side with his hand. He said its for me to familiarize how to grip it firmly and know the way to gas it up properly.

Within minutes of my short tutorial I was finally driving the scooter, with my dad as my backrider. He's there to guide and support me just in case something went wayward or before I decided to race with tricycles on the street hee hee.


Evolution Photos II

Here's the next batch.

Wag kayo magsasawa po, dami pa kaseng kasunod. hee hee


Evolution Photos I

I'm proud to present to you a series of photos. From the time I first landed on earth up to present heehee. I don't know how long will the series be since I got truckloads of pictures from my "baul". It's the result of having parents that are both camera addicts heehee. Love you Mom,Dad!

Yeah I know what your thinking. That I'm CUTE! I agree with you 100% hee hee! Brace yourself coz there's more to come!


My first rock concert

I got an electronic toy guitar as a present on my 2nd birthday. Then one day, I dunno but out of the blue I instantly transformed into a rockstar infront of my dad who was reading a magazine that moment. Good thing his trusty camera is just beside him (again) to capture my first rock concert heehee. Take note how I make use of the umbrella handle as my microphone heehee.


My Image Header

In case you like my naughty image header above, it was custom made by my dad. He finds it very funny to see me pooping with my bike helmet still on my head. I was actually in a hurry that I forgot to remove it lol. He then gushed inside with a camera and captured that (embarrassing) moment toinkz!
My dad then partly used a vector graphic made by "panic-tape" on the image header.

Panic-Tape is one of the many talented graphic artist in the deviantart community. You could find his other designs here - http://panic-tape.deviantart.com/gallery/


My first post

Since this would be my first post here on my blog. I chose this early baby pic of mine. I know Im not a cutie here, well c'mon gimme a break! Im just a newbie on planet Earth, barely two weeks old only. Ewww look at my big tummy, its the same as my dad haha.

I will be posting my photos on random dates from when it was taken. As I pick them from my parents hard drive. I'll post videos too! You'll gonna love my videos! That's it for the meantime. Expect more of my cuteness and naughtiness here on "its me Sean Kirk"