Twice Hospitalized

I was twice confined at the hospital as of this post. First was last last October, because of throat infection, just a few days before we go to Hongkong! So my mom was the one panicking because I may not be able to come with her. Good thing the doctor gave the go signal to let me go a day before the flight hee hee.

Then the next was just right after my birthday this November, due to severe cough because of my stubbornness to place my back in front of an aircon or electric fan whenever I'm sweating. My doctor says its very very bad. Anybody can easily get coughs and colds or worst pneumonia by doing that. Now I know that my parents are right about it hee hee.


Random Photos from Dad's PC


Ready for the next Level

My dad let me pose as if I was climbing the ladder. He says it symbolize that I was ready for the next level. Grade Two to be exact hee hee. I'll focus on it comes June, for now I'll cherish vacation time hee hee!


Following Dad's Footsteps

This was taken last March 29, 2011 during our Recognition Day at our school. Unfortunately, I didn't have any awards to give to my parents. Awww! Although, I think I made them happy with my performance on our dance/singing number. (that's what I thought! hee hee)

What made me more happier that day (beside being with my crush Trisha) is when my Dad let me tinker with his camera and actually let me do some on-the-spot shooting with my classmates!

photos of my classmates taken by me

"Not bad Sean! Not bad!" Words by my Dad after seeing my shots. It's inspiring for me, maybe I'll get serious with my photography skills more hee hee.


Spending 2011 New Year in Pagsanjan

We were not actually there during the fireworks, but after, or January 1 , 2011 to be exact hee hee. Together with my cousins Aji and Ada (and Mom). We spend long hours in the swimming pool of Pagsanjan Lodge and Summer Resort.