Its my 7th Birthday - Part II

This happened 3 days after my exact birthday. I really had no idea that they would still make out a party for me since we already dine-out. It was really a surprise party for me!

My mom organized a Pajama Party that night. She invited my cousins and other kids for a sleep-over at our place, and for a fun night of parlor games, movie watching and hotdog grilling.

My dad, the culprit for bringing me to McDonalds for a Value Meal while he surf on his laptop for more than an hour. I was very eager to go home so I asked dad that we go home right away as its getting boring slurping the gravy hee hee.

My dad says "ok i'm just waiting for a text message from a friend, then we'll go home". Not knowing that he was just merely waiting for my mom's go signal that the venue is ready and we need to go home to start the surprise party of mine.

Within minutes we were at the gate of our house. Its so dark, no lights inside and outside the house. My mom met us infront while I sobbed and say "Mommy!!! Dad don't wanna go home quick!! wahh!"! After a few steps inside our dark garage, the whole place lighted-up! And to my surprise, there were kids all around cheering and greeting me a happy birthday!!! There were also balloons everywhere and a tarpaulin with my photos with some birthday message.

I'm so happy with my 7th party!!! The whole house is full of kids sleeping. I myself slept at around 2Am., and we still have games in the morning hee hee!!!


Its my 7th Birthday - Part I

I was blessed to have a two part celebration! Actually, its a 2-night celebration! The first one was on the exact date of my birthday, and that's November 10. We (grandma, mom n dad, aunt n uncles, and 3 of my first cousins - Aji, Ada and Cyrus) went out to a nearby restaurant for a casual dinner.

No balloons or kid games whatsoever. Just plain chit-chat of the oldies and the wackiness of me and my cousins. But of course, my favorite, the opening of gifts!

Mom handed me a paper bag full of stuffs. "This is our gift to you! Open it." she said. All of them watched (my dad was even took videos) as I pulled one by one what's inside the bag.

The first one was a t-shirt, then the second was a pair of Ben 10 pajamas (my fav cartoon). You can definitely see the excitement on my face as I slowly revealed the items on the bag. Then at the bottom....tantananannnnnn!!!! Its a PSP Case!!! I've been urging my mom for so long for this toy, and yes finally!!!

Then mom instruct me to open the PSP case and try it. So I hurriedly unzipped it and TADA!!!! There's no PSP module inside but just 2 packs of chocolates, wahhhh! I've been set-up! This is so embarassing wahhh!

But its ok, coz mom told me again and again and again that she can't buy me a PSP for my birthday because of financial reason, maybe next year she said. Then as all them were teasing me for not having the real thing, mom suddenly handed me a spanking blue PSP from her back! Yippeee!

And yes, all my emotions were captured that night on video haha! Thanks mom n dad! I love you!



Nuthin much to blog about. I'm gonna share random photos again. Hope you like it! hee hee!


Little Van Gogh

At my age of 6, the artistic side of me begins to show hee hee. As you can see on the image above. I have drawn a sketch of my dad. I hope he'll be happy to see this. I'm sure he'll love it and place it on a frame hee hee!


Sean Kirk Racing

I'm a model of Top 1 Motor Oil

Here I am racing virtually at the arcade hee hee

Me and my dad spend a drizzling Sunday morning at the circuit racetrack inside the Ynares Center in Antipolo City. We thought the race wouldn't push through, but because the adrenalin rush of the team, the organizers and most of all the riders, who are all very eager to race that day, the event went on even rain falls from time to time.

My dad enjoys shooting photos of the riders on the track, while I was excited watching the race, most specially the pocketbike category. Where kids like me were the main contenders! I wish someday I could race too! hee hee


Beating the Heat at dpreview

This photo was first posted here by my Dad last May. Then he became a member of dpreview.com just last month. That's when he start submitting photos to different challenges the site has.

Until he saw the "Beating the Heat Challenge" and submitted this photo of mine. Voting has ended, and after recieving 116 entries, my photo captured the 31st place overall. Not bad hee hee.

You can check the result page of the challenge HERE!


Meet my new puppy - BOLT

He was given by my dad's friend. They said he was born with a mixed breed. His mother was an Askal while his dad was a Golden Retriever. Anyway, he still looks cute to me! With a pair of lonely eyes and pink dotted nose. I hope we'll get along together really well. By the way, I've name him BOLT. Yes, from the Disney movie of the same title. I hope he grow as strong as the dog in the movie hee hee.


Lady Gaga Inspired

My dad collect what was left by the laborers. - The CAUTION TAPE.

Then another (dumb) bright idea came to his mind hee hee. And that is to imitate Lady Gaga's Telephone MTV, who else? but me hee hee.


Ni Hao Ma its me Sean Kirk

I guess I would be speaking Chinese in no time. As my mom enrolled me, of course to a Chinese School, where else would I be learning the language duh! hee hee.

I hope I could learn not only their language but excel in other subjects as well. I won't let my teachers and my parents be disappointed with me.

I wonder if they do teach shaolin. hee hee!


Driving a Backhoe

I wonder what would be the correct term. Driving a backhoe or operating a backhoe? Hee hee! Anyway, I enjoy my experience riding it and toggling the control , even if the engine is at halt hee haw!

Im imagining it to transform into a robot, just like BumbleBee of Transformers!


Still on Swimming

More of my swimming lesson pics. Please indulge hee hee. Actually, Im open for any water activity advertising or sponsorship hee hee.



I'm thinking if I would play football someday. Looks like I need to work on my muscles first hee hee! I think its a cool sport, wearing those sturdy helmet and bulky uniform, while running fast and all those bumping and crashing. An agile person like me can do all of it hee hee.


Sean Kirk tries swimming

Yup! I tried, and I've conquered hee hee. Watch the video and from there you can see that I've learned my lessons well hee hee! (my dad edited of course the stubborness part hee hee)


Swimming Lesson this Summer

My mom enrolled me on a 10-day swimming lesson at a nearby swimming pool in our village and its my last day yesterday. My teacher was successful in teaching (a stubborn kid) me the basics in swimming. I can now do dog-paddle and arm pulling fast and lenghty too hee hee. I can also do a decent (no more tummy first) dive on the deep section of the pool. (teacher must be there too, just in case hee hee) coz Im still nervous haha! And lastly, floating on my back!

Maybe the next time, I can improve my swimming skills better. At least for now, I know the basics. My only problem now is when will I get my fair skin back wahhhh!


I lead everybody in singing Lupang Hinirang

Amazing! Would you believe? I got the chance to lead everybody in singing the National Anthem during our Moving-Up program at Green Gables Academy.

Everyone sees the evolution in me heehee, because two years ago I was so "makulet" during the ceremony. You can check it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1YuTBbW_A8


I love Pizza

I kept whining to my dad that I'm starving. He then let me munch one family size pizza to satisfy my tummy. It was non-stop burping all the way home! hee-hee!