Evolution Photos I

I'm proud to present to you a series of photos. From the time I first landed on earth up to present heehee. I don't know how long will the series be since I got truckloads of pictures from my "baul". It's the result of having parents that are both camera addicts heehee. Love you Mom,Dad!

Yeah I know what your thinking. That I'm CUTE! I agree with you 100% hee hee! Brace yourself coz there's more to come!


My first rock concert

I got an electronic toy guitar as a present on my 2nd birthday. Then one day, I dunno but out of the blue I instantly transformed into a rockstar infront of my dad who was reading a magazine that moment. Good thing his trusty camera is just beside him (again) to capture my first rock concert heehee. Take note how I make use of the umbrella handle as my microphone heehee.


My Image Header

In case you like my naughty image header above, it was custom made by my dad. He finds it very funny to see me pooping with my bike helmet still on my head. I was actually in a hurry that I forgot to remove it lol. He then gushed inside with a camera and captured that (embarrassing) moment toinkz!
My dad then partly used a vector graphic made by "panic-tape" on the image header.

Panic-Tape is one of the many talented graphic artist in the deviantart community. You could find his other designs here - http://panic-tape.deviantart.com/gallery/


My first post

Since this would be my first post here on my blog. I chose this early baby pic of mine. I know Im not a cutie here, well c'mon gimme a break! Im just a newbie on planet Earth, barely two weeks old only. Ewww look at my big tummy, its the same as my dad haha.

I will be posting my photos on random dates from when it was taken. As I pick them from my parents hard drive. I'll post videos too! You'll gonna love my videos! That's it for the meantime. Expect more of my cuteness and naughtiness here on "its me Sean Kirk"