My 9th Birthday

We celebrated (together with mom and dad) my 9th birthday at the SM Mall of Asia. Its really fun specially with all the new rides I've experienced like being inside a giant floating water ball, going on a high-tech ride with the two wheeler i-move and flying high on the zipline. Plus a sumptuous dinner at a Reyes Barbecue House! yum yum yum!



Jam with Shyfire the Firedancer

It's a bit scary but Shyfire the firedancer make sure that I won't get burn. So I just relax and don't panic. But my face don't look like I am relax at all hee hee!  


My black rabbit and me

As you can see I'm a big boy now. My dad wants my hair long since its vacation time. I love playing with our big black rabbit named "Daga" by my cute Lola Dolly. Enjoy the photos.


Recognition Day 2012

It was our recognition day at school and boy was my parents so proud of me coz I got the chance to go up the stage - - - not to recieve any awards or honors, but to dance (no awards yet hee hee) but I've promised them I'll do better next year!

I'll try to upload my dance video later hee hee!


Ala Amazing Race in Hongkong

We went to Hongkong last year and it was a blast! Specially during our first night, as our group (together with mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousins and friends) got lost in the streets and subway of Hongkong.

Starting from the airport, down to our room on our reserved hostel took us more than 2 hours before we finally rest on our beds hee hee. But its all worth it. I treat it as an adventure on a foreign land.

Actually, the lost issue was still ongoing all along our stay in Hongkong! hee hee


Sean Kirk tries Bungee Trampoline and Bull Ride

Together with my parents that night at SM Marikina. I tried two different rides for the first time. First is the bungee trampoline which I really really don't like because I got dizzy with heights and almost lost my temper with the operator because he's the one that's making it higher hee hee.

The second was the bull ride which I enjoyed riding with my dad. Although we fall, still we had lots of fun riding it. Too bad, my mom hasn't been able to capture my dad's ride coz he fall in a nasty way haha!