I'm thinking if I would play football someday. Looks like I need to work on my muscles first hee hee! I think its a cool sport, wearing those sturdy helmet and bulky uniform, while running fast and all those bumping and crashing. An agile person like me can do all of it hee hee.


Sean Kirk tries swimming

Yup! I tried, and I've conquered hee hee. Watch the video and from there you can see that I've learned my lessons well hee hee! (my dad edited of course the stubborness part hee hee)


Swimming Lesson this Summer

My mom enrolled me on a 10-day swimming lesson at a nearby swimming pool in our village and its my last day yesterday. My teacher was successful in teaching (a stubborn kid) me the basics in swimming. I can now do dog-paddle and arm pulling fast and lenghty too hee hee. I can also do a decent (no more tummy first) dive on the deep section of the pool. (teacher must be there too, just in case hee hee) coz Im still nervous haha! And lastly, floating on my back!

Maybe the next time, I can improve my swimming skills better. At least for now, I know the basics. My only problem now is when will I get my fair skin back wahhhh!